Friday, 15 April 2011

What Is Quinton Isotonic-sea water

René Quinton discovered that body cells are surrounded by a liquid, or plasma,
which is very similar in its mineral content and degree of concentration to geologically primeval ocean water.
After years of research, Quinton was able to pinpoint the ideal geographic locations from which to collect pristine ocean water, which he then used as a number of conclusive canine experiments, he demonstrated that his version of the plasma could be used to treat humans successfully,
and he supported the thesis with numerous clinical trials.
 As a result, many clinics were opened where treatment with Quinton Plasma was provided for countless expectant and lactating mothers, their unweaned babies, and for children and adults of all ages,
who were all suffering from some form of disease or disorder.
This therapy was set aside during the First World War, but in the years that followed,
Drs. Jarricot, Mac, Potocki, and a number of other physicians continued to use this form of therapy,
and they proceeded to carry out further research into the therapeutic benefits of with significant results.
The development of synthetic chemistry and the advent of the Secong World War caused a slowing down in research on marine plasmas.
In the fifties, however, a number of German scientists became interested in the subject once again, and they subsequently developed a system of oral administration for the plasma.
French scientific interest was revived in the sixties and seventies,
while the Spanish, the Italians and the Americans soon followed suit.
Today, Original Quinton formulas are being used as a dietary mineral supplement with excellent results in Europe, North America and Latin America,
and their potential is being viewed with renewed attention.
The concentration of mineral salts in the seas and ocean of an earlier geological era was very different from that to be found in present-day.
Consequently, René Quinton was obliged to overcome several difficulties and setbacks related to this fact before producing, to his own satisfaction, a version of the plasma which was virtually identical with human blood plasma and which would meet his own standards.
Today, the manufacture of Original Quinton Plasma faithfully follows the rules established by René Quinton in his original research.
The process also involves making use of sophisticated production equipment and state-of-the-art methods of biological analysis,
in addition to stringent quality controls.
The sea water to be harvested is monitored and analyzed periodically for its quality,
prior to collection, in order to avoid any possibility of pollution.
The processing, which includes several stages,
is carried out in a sterile environment,
while cold microfiltration techniques guarantee that the plasma retains all its vitality.
 Each production lot is sampled, analyzed, and quarantined,
 then only released to the market once all the quality standards have been met.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Rene Quinton-A short Biography

René Quinton was the biologist who proved,
one hundred years ago,
that the composition of human blood plasma and the raw but diluted oceanic water were alike.

Based on this premise,
he elaborated a Marine Plasma bearing his name.

Rene Quinton

It is highly unlikely that you
have ever heard about Rene Quinton?

Yet this great man saved several thousands of children's
and adults' lives in France and in Egypt at the beginning
of the 20th century by using a serum (Plasma)
which now bears his name.